Sunday, June 13, 2010

a strange bizarre eclectic collection of photos today! i wasn't going to blog today, i was going to *have a day off* do nada and nothing! can't have a day off life can you and always things to do here especially at the moment!

so above photo of one of the many bands departing our street as they moved from the lower road to the main street.... some only walking, some playing still, later on the 100 men came through carrying Jesus aloft, we could hear the bell from the bottom of the street and knew he was coming our way, that was about 1am! still today the rockets have been going off, the first as Pippa and i were on our way this morning, but the chance of seeing a cat won Pip over, although chance being the right word, until yesterday, and we have been back for nearly two weeks i hadn't seen a single cat! still haven't up near the park where we go every day, not a sighting, a few bits of rubbish from ripped bags gave the only clue that they must be about at least by night, normally see loads, not as many as down on the coast, but enough every day to know cats live in this town, very odd....

and below the mess on our street, all our window sills and the streets hereabouts covered in water bottles, and a few of those little drinks for your stomach too i noticed!

actually i think above i can see a beer bottle on the window sill there on the right!

what do you make of above photo mis amigos?

i should hold a competition on this, shall i? yes i will tell you what it is next time.... maybe i shouldn't call it a competition though as it leads one to think there will be a prize! so its just a quiz!

answers below please in the comments! lets have some really good ideas... probably now i am going on a bit the first will be the correct one! la ...


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Carol said...

I haven't got a clue!! What is it??