Saturday, June 12, 2010

Football time! although i support Manchester Utd, all the time, i don't really watch it much on TV, i used to go to Old Trafford, a lot, but years ago of course! and i watch the odd game here or there, but when its the World Cup! its like i have put on another head! keeping the wall chart all up to date, (not actually on the wall, i hasten to add! well not this year!!)

and i get really, no very agitated when i am watching it, screaming at the players, the goal keeper, the ref, well any one really!

if not actually watching all of a match then i flick back to see what's happening! and the amount of teams i support! so many countries, but then, well where i was born, my Grandparents, then where i have lived! just keeping changing my shirts and when another falls by the wayside, there is another holding ground!????

had an interesting email from a Dr Gregory David, apparently he has been checking through my files and i have $850,000.00 waiting for me! OMG, he just wants all my bank details and he will give it to me! ok yeah right! what wonderful news....

today we went down to Fuengirola, well Las Lagunas actually, to buy the paint for the interior of our house, antimoho! sounds good, just hope it does what it says on the side for over 60€! plus a primer and the others bits needed, nearly 80€, fan-daba-dosey! a little added bonus after we paid the guy he got another bloke to put the heavy can on a trolley and take it to our car... which was parked quite a way away! so he followed us using the street with us on the path, i tried to give him a euro to thank him for his trouble but he wouldn't take it...

we needed a few groceries and as we drove off the Euromarket car park was right opposite and even though i knew we weren't going in there is till directed Franco into the car park?? so we used it to get to the other side and off to Aldi! Franco thinks its because i wanted another of their most brilliant hamburgers they do from a van there... i must admit for someone who normally wont eat a hamburger i have a real craving for another one... (too early for the van today, it was there but not the burgers just yet!)

and so to Aldi's, the car park full to bursting, it wasn't the people in the store but the people going to the market next door! we parked in the market car park first to check out Bigmat for paint, but they had nothing, or nothing much, a guy was wandering around the car park with a reflective jacket on pointing and gesticulating to help with parking... trying his luck for a euro more like! its free, so don't know how many innocents got caught on that little trick of his today!

i brought Mom's watch back with me, the one she had been wearing when she went into hospital, i hadn't noticed that it had stopped, so last evening Franco and i were coming out of town and popped into a watch/clock shop, they were intrigued by the size of it, its small! he popped out the battery and put in a new one, but it didn't want to restart so he took it into his little office and peered at it with glasses the thickness of a fish tank! and he used little black magnifier too stuck to one eye!

so after a while he got it going, i paid the man his 3€ for the battery and off we went! it had stopped again this morning, and all day i have been bringing it up to time! i think i may take it back to the guy and leave it with him, to see if he can fix it, it would be nice if he could... i gave Mom this watch a while ago, maybe ten years, more or less, and i had had the watch since the late 80's, so i know its over 20 years old, but its a good watch, well apart from the fact its broken that is!!??

we have had a lot of rocket fire this week, Dia de Jesus, i thought, but checking out the internet it says June 3rd for Corpus Christi, which i thought was all this week, but then in a local magazine it says its next week! so i just don't know really do i?

i do know we had lots of children running up our street as they do each year for this celebration, a long purple swathe of cloth between them, the length of a, of a, well its long, 50 or more foot i think, young children first, then an older bunch all singing the same song and shaking the cloth, being rallied on by people with them, they were followed by a group of marching soldiers and lots of drums... the latter we have heard all week, as we can now, the same tune, until very late the other evening when we thought it was the last night, but still tonight they are playing and i think right now coming up our street...

here look they did! not playing any more just relaxing they're way to the top of our road!

the boys/young men who were bullying the young bulls the other week at the end of the feria were in court this week, dont know the out come yet, Franco read that the same type of thing used to be in Coín also, they had a ban though, a kid was using a hammer to hit a young bull on the head, it sprang back and broke the boys teeth.... cant find the information in the paper just now... will try then i can give the full details, although the details above are bad enough... unbelievable someone would take a hammer to an animal...

just to lighten the subject before i watch the England V USA match, come on boys you can do it please, America for the Cup! erm sorry that wasn't the lighten the mood item...

after seeing an advert on TV the other day i thought we must up date our TV... we need an LCD 3D HD TV, wonder if that comes with a Video and 8 track for the car?


another band passing, oh heck, calm down Pippa they're just drums and feet pounding the ground! oh no another coming now.... adio amigos....

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