Sunday, June 06, 2010

Paris.... above

what has been occurring since Thursday? lots i think... man shot down in Riviera del Sol yesterday, a drive by, poor bloke only 26yrs... Franco says he was a good guy...

Franco is home now! yipeeee, the road is open, unofficially in a way, it still has road closed signs up coming out of Alhaurín, but not from the other side, i meant to say when the road was closed, really closed that is, (apart from weekends!), the sign *Alhaurín El Grande 3K* was turned round and pointing towards Coín... not mention that the 3K was now, not mentioning the extra 20 kilometres in distance!

this morning we went to La Trocha market, good look around there, loads of stalls, loads of people, had a coffee and my favourite apple strudel, very very nice, and sat next to us some friends i hadn't seen for a while, so had a quick catch up, one in particular thought we had actually left Spain and returned to the UK!

well so many people leaving i suppose when we don't see someone for while its the best assumption isn't it?

from there we went up to the garden centre, although we had gone that way out of town, we wanted to see how the new road down to the coast is coming on, the guys had said lots of tarmac can be seen from the Garden centre, so down it we went, we could have gone all the way i guess, a few people coming and going, as we have in the past, but i don't think our poor car could manage it now a days! but we got a way, and turned round when the tarmac ran out, apparently rumor has it that the road will open as far as the La Cala turn off in August, and all the way into Fuengirola in December... 20 months after closing.... can you imagine 20 months of having a main artery road closed? we don't have to imagine, its bare naked reality for us inlanders!!!

so we went into the garden centre also, well couldn't go by and not stop, had a wander round the place, had a té límon para me, and café con leche for Franco... Pippa was both relaxing and standing guard at home by the way! we bought a nice little Basil plant which will no doubt die before we have a chance of partaking of its wonderful leaves...

this house now actually looks worse than it did yesterday, been clearing more ruined things out, the hoover, kept in the nice normally dry cave was soaked through, pity we can't just throw up the broken washing machine so easily as we will leave out the broken hoover this evening in the street! but i think a little too heavy for the poor bin man to carry out!

haven't checked out the rest of the things in the cave, keep looking at the box of family photos, afraid to look, afraid not to! and the books? who knows their buried underneath all the other things... our new christmas tree is on top, but could be sprouting new branches for all i know, my Dads guitar case is made of material, its mouldy and filthy after all the rain has got in, i daren't open that either!

and why is it you can throw out a load of stuff and not see any improvement of what's left behind, brought down a load more rotted through things from the roof terrace, still cant find the secateurs! if the garden faery has taken them away, i want, no need, them back!

yesterday, Saturday, i woke up with a headache! my plans of getting the bus down to meet Franco in Fuengirola went out of the window, and i went back to bed! i took a normal pain killer first, then realised it was a migraine and took an Imigran, later on, when Franco was home, and my headache was clearing up, i took my BP it was so high the gauge couldn't go any higher, later i came on line and by a weird chance had an email from a health company i get up dates from, and it mentioned certain migraine relief meds can cause your BP to raise, so if it's a problem don't take them!!! er toooooo late, but given the choice of pain relief or a day or two of migraine and all that involves, i am sorry for me its the meds... but I wont take my BP afterwards...!!!

a few weeks ago, did i tell you this? a few weeks ago i was checking out an address Mom and i moved in with my Gran in Los Angeles, before she left to go back to England, Mom never said why but working it out from the death certificates i have, two of her sisters back in England both died within months of each other and i think my Gran went back in between the death of one and the death of the next! so... when in LA my Gran lived in S. Manhattan Place, and checking it out with Google street view, the house has gone! just like the house Mom and i moved into after that up Alexandria Ave, LA! Its a conspiracy! I remember going with Mom and the boys to the house she and my Dad lived in out of Long Island NY, we stood opposite the plot, shall we say, where their house used to be, but it was the only house is the whole of the long long street that looked like it had been completely knocked down and rebuilt!

even our old home with my Step Dad has been changed out of all resemblance of when we used to live it! what's going on???? no really?


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