Thursday, June 03, 2010

I meant to include this awful news story from this weekend past, an horrific act that took place in our town of Alhaurin el Grande...

it was the Feria last week, and ended as usual with the young bulls being let loose in the temporary bull ring erected for the week.

the bulls are released young men run around in side the ride, winding them up, hitting them, pulling their tails, bullying the poor young bulls... we went once, and once was enough, it was awful to watch creatures being bullied so openly without it being stopped, we, most of us are brought up knowing right from wrong with regard to animals as well as humans.

i have told you many times of the many acts of animal cruelty we see up here, from puppies being drowned, unwanted dogs hung from trees, lots of people while walking their dogs, Pippa included having kids kicking and threatening them, because they only know dogs to be guard dogs maybe, but you can tell the difference between a guard dog and a family pet!

anyway i have gone off track as normal... a poor bull as you can read was so severly beaten it could no longer live... discusting

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