Wednesday, June 16, 2010

had to make notes... cant remember anything these days... now where was i? or rather when was i?

Wednesday last blog, bad day, sorry for myself day...

Tuesday i had gone into town, had coffee with two friends outside one bar, then walking past neighbouring bar, another friend another drink, instead of coffee it was coca-cola, a good friend commented on the amount of caffine intake and my head aches, big mouth here said, no probs with coffee or cola... then i went and got a migraine yesterday, co in cidence! i think it was probably the painting of the downstairs loo that caused that, not so much the smell of the paint, (but maybe), more the awful angle required to do it, and its just not something i should have done, but i'm not going to change that now at this late stage am i amigos!!!

have also been meaning to tell you about the awful wax on our street from last week, so many candles and so much wax on the ground, in this heat once the wax has melted its so slippy, like a waxy ice rink!

the main road going to the BP garage still says *road closed* for anyone coming out of Alhaurín, its not! they are just finishing off the pathways... and great to see sooooo many cyclists using the new road, instead of the purpose built expensive cycle lane running along side!!

after seeing something similar on tv the other day i made some nice home made lolly's! tinned peaches, and a coconut yoghurt, juiced up and frozen... did i tell you this already? we bought a set of six ice lolly things from Ikea... they're smaller than they look in the flyer we got! but really just the right size! these ices taste lovely, and although i used tinned peaches, not good, i still think they probably contain less additives than *normal* ices you can buy and take about 3 hours to freeze! i tried using squash first, ugh! too strong, and then tried again with less juice, ugh, too, too well nothing really, just ugh!

and something that made me laugh...tasty looking hamburger on a web page against pretty much everything in the burger except the lettuce!

today, now went into town on an errand for a friend, down to the Endesa store, that's the local electric place, for anything regarding bills and changes or this and that electric wise, so anyway, up the road i go, and down it, peering into empty shops.... nope definitely not there, i guess it moved while i was away, over that 5 months lots of shops closed, or moved about to different locations???

i asked some ladies and they confirmed my worse fears... its moved! and where's it moved to? well of course the poligino Rosa! well that's darn convenient isn't it! NOT! so for anyone who needs to get a reprint of a bill, go to the bank, back to Endesa to show them it's paid to get they're electric back on... well good luck with that is all i can say!

and i am afraid how i can now help my friend i really don't know! oh the poligino Rosa, is our local industrial estate, out of town, not within easy walking distance, and of course a bus doesn't go past it, on any day of the week!



Christine said...

Hi Marian, Will be in La Cala on Sunday ,will phone you in the week to arrange a day to meet up for coffee and chat.
Chris x x x

Marian said...

Chrissie.... fantastic! cant wait, Tuesday is the only day i cant make it, have a friend on a cruise and she is stopping by in Malaga for the day... its going to be a good week.xx