Wednesday, June 30, 2010

we really must go to some new places as here above, below, and below are more of the same photos i have published before of a trip we made to Setenil de Las Bodegas....

so no not been here today, but just a walk into town and Mercadona, followed by bar Cruz and tea, more refreshing, not with milk, or lemon (headaches!) but with lime(?) and as they didn't have actual lime they gave me a shot of lime cordial!!!!

well tasted ok anyway!
i joined one friend at a table there, five minutes before she had to run for work, but then another friend joined me for a few minutes and was also talking, surprise surprise, to guys at the table next to me i knew!

got home in time before milk turned to cheese or the yogurt turned into something i wouldn't want to eat!

this morning Franco called me to say he had found a passport and would i phone the emergency number to let someone know, it was a Canadian passport and credit card, i left a message on an answer phone worried that it was the middle of the night in Canada!

i also tried to contact the Canadian Embassy in Madrid, nightmare! press one for this and up to 10 for something else! 1 was for emergencies but every time it connected it rang once then hung up! i also tried the option of waiting to the end pressing 0 and talking to anyone! this also hung up after one ring!

i am just glad i didn't need to contact them in a real emergency!!!

in the end i just emailed them, and then later, after trying the phone number in the passport again and speaking to the Mom of the person who had lost the passport, received an email back saying i would hear from the embassy tomorrow(!), but too late....

so Franco is giving that back to them later! perfecto!


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