Wednesday, June 09, 2010

three attractive photos of our house for y'all today! all of which are our bedroom, and how it looks after cleaning and the mildew has been removed... but before a repaint, which make it all lovely and clean and white again!

above the ceiling and corner...

above is the outside wall also, to the right of the window so front on to all the rain we had, and with 5 months of being closed up.... the paint had cracked open and bubbled up as the damp came through... and this whole area i pulled off all the loose paint layers until no more could come off....!

this is our worse wall... and by the electrics and phone line, next door had had a bad leak, which seems to be fixed now, but i guess a year of water from their pipes, plus the rain.... this is after the cleaning has taken place here too!

i don't think there is much smell of damp left now, although i am sure if someone came in they might smell it!

yesterday i had another migraine... far too many of these again now... i didn't take the Imigran, but a strong pain killer, must have been about 8am and went back to bed, much to Pippas surprise! at least she had had her walk! and i should have just taken the former and been up in 3 hours, but i got up about 2pm, i had so much to do, i drank a couple of cans of coke, not good normally i know i know! but the caffeine helps with the headache, and i have no *normal* coffee in the house, goodness knows how many cups of tea i would have had to drink to get up to a good enough level of the stuff!

i had been thinking of getting rid of several things in the house, to give us more space, the night before Franco and i had brought the big travel box down from the spare room for the tv, so i had something to eat and manoeuvred the tv over with all the wires etc, had a rest then moved some things about up stairs, squishing my arm in a cupboard! now have a lovely bruise there that mirrors the one on the other side!i had put this big cupboard on top of a chest in the bedroom, cant remember how, i can be quite ingenious when it comes to moving furniture heavier than myself! for instance to move it yesterday i couldn't just lift it down, too heavy, so i put some bags of clothes that are at present homeless! on top of out bed, covered them with a bed cover thingy, moved the chest plus its top heavy friend nearer the bed, stood on the bed and carefully lowered the heavy unit onto the bed on its side! got off the bed and lowered the unit again, this time onto the floor, and hey presto!!!! gave it a good clean and slip it into the back bedroom, thank goodness for marble floors! carpet would have been impossible, well maybe not i could have *walked* it, if you know what i mean? then... no i wasn't finished yet, i then emptied the bookcase in the back bedroom and moved it into our bedroom, cleaned and re loaded with the books! these two items i was going to get rid of, but in they're new places they take up so much less room, how strange! the bookcase in the kitchen i was going to take up stairs for the books, but i am leaving where it is, and now some of the things are back where they belong on it, and it really doesn't need moving at all!

i even managed to throw away a few things, old cook books never used any more, one especially i had had for over 30 years, it was a folder type i had collected all the recipes over time, but you can imagine what state it was in by now! and as for recipes... they're all on here, arnt they! on the internet, who needs books really! but that doesn't mean i am chucking out the rest ;o)

and so, now there is only a beautiful table i have nowhere for and the unneeded bureau!

i put out the hoover last night, it was soaked through, as was a stand alone fan, not going to plug that in to see if it works now!

by the time i had finished all of the above the headache had gone! it was getting better and sitting down wouldn't of helped at all!

i took some photos of the interior of the box which now supports the tv, why one would ask would you do that? but it is an old box, a travel box, its lined with The Observer Newspaper! most of which from Saturday 17th of November 1877! wow, what history, just wish the person who had done it had signed it somewhere, or just scribbles they're name... who was it!

ok, still early... but not sure if i am going to do anything today, have clothes to sort out, i can see a heavy bag or three for the poor man who comes round in the middle of the night here to take it all....


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