Tuesday, February 12, 2008

as i was just going through photos here in my picasa album i saw that photo i took of an english milk float back last year on a trip to england... last month as we were leaving the station at harpenden we passed slowly the car park and there was a milk float in one of the car park bays... so whats his day job!

today i went into a new bar in town with friends for a coffee on my way home, its bar ole! i shall take a photo, its on calle san sebastián, on the one way road system out of town, it was very nice and theyre very friendly which makes all the difference.

today the weather is getting cooler, its windy and looks like rain, apparently it rained last evening... missed it, the roof was dry, so maybe it missed us too!

Carry in your memory, for the rest of your life,
the good things that came out of difficulties.
They will serve as proof of your abilities
and give you confidence
when you are faced by other obstacles.
Manual of The Warrior of Light



Anonymous said...

Good heavens, is that picture of the bar?

Marian said...

heck no, lol, phew took a while then i havent laughed that loud all day, that photo is our santa vera cruz church near our house!!!

not taken photo of bar yet... (giggles)

although up in nottingham, england, oldest son took me to a bar that DID used to be a church! terrible, i couldnt drink in it, we had to sit outside!
love mxx

Anonymous said...

lol, well, either way, I admired the building-- but I'm awfully glad it's not a bar!

Anonymous said...

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