Monday, February 18, 2008

rain rain rain.... most of today so far... had to throw my brolly away outside mercadona bought a new one which exactly matched the top i had on this morning... lime green.... yes great if i am wearing that one only i suppose, but less chance of it going walk about when left unattended by the door or one shop or other eh!

having a bit of hard time at the moment... i just have to avoid a few foods for only 3 to 6 months, theyre not foods i am intollerant to, but are very high in sugars which i have really been overdosing the last couple of years i guess... or longer!

i am doing well and there are lots of other foods i can have, but breakfast, still alternating till i have 'come off' wheat... i am having bacon and egss, scrambled, cant eat fryed.... since a small chick landed in the pan instead of the yolk.... this was years ago, but its stuck!

i have lost 6Lbs... 2.73Kgs, not really enough of me to lose this every week, so hopefully it, or i, will stablise, few extra dizzy spells too, but i am hungry, was the first few days but not now...

quiet weekend.... shopping on saturday and sunday was eviction day of the mildew and mould from our bedroom, its makes its way up the corners on the wall either side of the window and then craws mischeiviously across the ceiling till we fight it back again! not sure what smells worse the mould or the awful stuff you have to use to get rid of it! still its lots better this year since i hung the rug up between the persiana (outside blind), and the window, stops the glass getting too cold and therefor the moisture on the glass is less!

The darkest hour was just before dawn...
The Alchemist


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