Tuesday, February 26, 2008

problem with foot odour? note the trainers on the window ledge above a shop in town yesterday...

weather still this and that, bit sunnier yesterday and today, on and off with lots of big grey clouds!

i have another link to add today, some friends here in alhaurín el grande business... it may conflict with another link i have on here already.... one down on the coast, the lovely man i saw for my intolerance test nearly three weeks ago, but this really is such a fantastic thing i know there is plenty of room for you both! so no fighting over there in my links section play quietly together and just get on!

for those of you reading this on one of the surrounding areas local web pages, i will be trying to remember to add a link to the main page so you can see all the links and comments section... hint hint hint...

now you see i did forget and have had to come back on to put in the link!

hey guess what? i sent an email to thames valley tonight, an english channel we watch on sky... a photo of the white peacock from tivoli world and i think theyre going to show it this evening! wha hey!!!

When every day seems the same,
it is because we have stopped noticing
the good things that appear in our lives.
The Alchemist


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