Monday, February 11, 2008

ok... now where was i?

yesterday franco and i went to cartama estación, a town on the other side of cartama, its market day there on a sunday... and its a big enough market, we got there about 1130 and thought we were going to have trouble parking being so busy, so after a couple of wrong turns and turning back we drove as if going to the market and took a parellel road, and down a side street found a perfect parking place and is was just a short walk under the main road through a narrow tunnel and we were there!

it was very busy and crowded, you would have thought it was a week day! i remember one of the boys mom and i going to a market there during the week a while ago too, which was just as busy. and when we left the traffic was backed up towards the churriana round about and beyond! about a ten to fifteen minute wait by the look of things... and then where were they going to park, so go have a look round the market, but get there early!

its such a shame the market at alhaurín el grande finished, all those people coming into the town, to the bars and restaurants, other shops opening to get trade... a missed oportunity, bit like the trocha market on a sunday too, the shops there should open on a sunday and actually get people into their usually empty shops! now there is no sunday market and everyone looses out.

the photo above is san isidro labrador in cartama estación..

yesterday, as every day when driving our biggest bug bear is people driving or even just on foot not looking left first when pulling out or crossing the street.... whats the problem? in england we were all brought up to look right, look left, look right again! as children it was force fed into us at every turn, at school on the tv (with tufty the rabbit i think!)... here it should be look left first of course i know... but people move their vehicles out or just step of the paths looking right first which is where the traffic on the other side of the road is coming from!!! arh!! and its up to the driver to miss the cars or pedestrians!

Alhaurín de la torre has its own web site now, see link here, and in my links section of course, along with all our other local web address's... our alhaurin el grande
coín and alhora ...

the bottom drawer in our dresser now refuses to open, due to the damp i guess... the other two i have now rubbed with candle wax, any ideas please on a post card as to how to open the other or do we have to wait for summer!

God created the desert so that Man could smile when he saw the palm tree. The Alchemist


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computergenius said...

I don't know about the Alhaurin market (you mean on Sunday? I think that there was one there for a short period). However, the one at La Trocha was closed because the shops, which weren't allowed to open on a Sunday, complained that they were losing trade, so the market was moved to Wednesdays.

Marian said...

hello computergenius! i know its crazy the thing at la trocha, el corte who own most of it complained how they were all losing money up stairs because of the market! which is the oposite, at least people came... and now wednesdays there are more people there than ever would be normally in that ghost town of a shopping mall!

we had a stall on the old sunday market at alhaurín, that was always busy and brought trade to the town on a day when bars would be quiet otherwise... another case of cutting off ones nose to spite ones face me thinks!