Sunday, February 03, 2008

mas fotos desde fuente vera

above a beautiful up dated cave house in Galera...

near Orce and on the walk around the burial site...

up near where we were staying just a walk down into the valley! just!?! isnt it beautiful... just use your imaginations...

this car was, well probably still is for sale in Galera, what a little stunner eh, done a few kilometers already do you think! this photo looks like it was taken in arizona or mexico to me!

also Galera.... how did they manage to carry things... i guess the good old burro!

yesterday i had a bit of a fire in the kithen! i had dinner was on the go, and iwent up stairs to check on the washing, when i came back down into the house i could smell something horrible, i ran down and one of the oven gloves had fallen off the top of the stove and landed onto the flame!

i picked it up with the tongs and into the sink to put out with water... ugh! second fire i have had now in the kitchen... not including burnt food i hasten to add!! but thats with a gap of over 25 years so not bad eh!

I opened the window and my heart.
The sun flooded my house
and love flooded my soul.
By the river piedra
I sat down and wept


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