Saturday, February 23, 2008

today as it has been pouring with more and more rain i thought some 'hot' photos would be much nicer to see, well they are for me anyway! the one above i took when we were in sardinia 3years ago, 2005 before we moved up here to alhaurín, it was february and beautifully warm during the day which was the complete opposite of the evenings and nights.... freeeeezing! and the day before we left we had snow and sleet! what was that all about!

and here cadiz also 2005, and still before we had moved i think... ah no, it was a few days after we moved mom and tony came over to stay for two weeks... look at that heat.... moms look she is from china and me holding that paper over my face! oh how local!

it has actually stopped raining now, its just past one pm, so maybe i will get to put out that washing after all... when i received my warrior of light edition into my email today, clicked onto the link as usual... the one below, and read the quote, it was another of those coincidences i had just finished watching that good old movie with meg ryan and nicolas cage 'city of angels'...

and so today, below the quote direct from Paulo Coelho's blog... check it out in that link on the right also...

Angels are love in motion. They never rest, they struggle to grow, and they are beyond good and evil. Love that consumes all, that destroys all, that forgives all. Angels are made of that love, and are at the same time its messengers.
The Valkyries



Anonymous said...

Beautiful --the hot, your mom, and you--and I needed to see something other than S N O W. It has been the snowiest winter here in the northeast New England (USA) area than I recall ever enduring before. Perhaps it was like this when I was a child, but this is ridiculous --it's every few days another 4 inches. It's not as bad as in Canada, tho' --they end up with 5' or 6' high snowbanks that do not get melted or rained away a bit.

Marian said...

i think i would love a day just now where all i could see ... from the window! that is, is just snow. been a few nears now since i have actually been in a snowly place, we can see it occasionaly from the terrace december and january on top of the highest mountains near here. and of course the sierra nevada is covered still now... dont want to drive in it any more tho, or have to dredge my way through it with wet cold tootsies... but the romantic thought of looking out across a garden and hillside, and have the burning log fire inside... ooops sorry! its all this rain! again today! love mxx