Sunday, February 24, 2008

today we have had rain... again, but now the sun is trying to make its way through the mountian mist (fog)! its the finale of the carnival today, so hopefully things will brighten up!

i have been meaning to tell you, in the post office it had been 'groundhog day' the clock stuck on sunday january 20th, 0836, for about a month, before that the days and months and times had been all over the place, well they have sorted it now (get the pun there? sorted it!!) LOL... sorry... they have fixed the problem now... the clock has gone! and standing there in the post office will become a timeless experience...

my problem... of the rash on my face has returned with vengeance and you know what the only thing i have eaten, and we know thats not much on my avoidance diet i am on at the moment... well i had added something to my fish, to give it flavour, and i think i knew to check it and didnt, and then dispite my face starting to itch i only went ahead and added it again the following day... a fish stock cube! how daft am i? no dont answer this question! ingredients contain apart from white wine which is on my no go list and salt the main ingredient, monosodium glutamate... MSG.

the bell it rang when i read that made me deaf for a moment, all those rashes after chinese foods, and after paella.... fish cube always in that when made at home! and i never ever used them till about 1994, which is when the rash started! doh! countless things we add them to now, the meat cubes dont contain MSG that we have, but again the main item first on the list is salt.

i came across this What Foods Should I Avoid site... and if you go from there to disease states affected by MSG its like opening up a.... a.... oh i dont know, a thing that gives you all the answers!

and yes when i read the MSG and Fibromyalgia page i could have cried! yes i know another straw to cling to eh... but after 20 years... who wouldnt?

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