Wednesday, February 20, 2008

look at these cute little darlings... 2 month old petra and on the right 4 month old max... he's huge compared to her... and as you can see neither of them wanted to stay still for me!

today the weather was lovely... no rain and lots of sun... too hot for a coat when i came out of the shop... beautiful, although rain was forecast and is till saturday at least!

i hadnt been taking my anti inflamatories... for about 5 days, to see if what i had been eating had been making my fibromyalgia worse... it hasnt and i am in agony, so back on them again... and just had a weird thing happen, as usual checking a spelling... 'inflamatories' more because as i am writing i have a red line under it telling me i have spelt it wrong, and well you know me, i dont usually bother too much with spelling or grammer :-) ... but i just typed it in to google it, clicked on the first one that came up, and there in the tab i saw as i am writing here 'allergy to anti-inflamatories', i have had a quick look seems a reaction to some of these is somewhat similar to the rash i have had on my face! and... thats got better too... ah ha!.... will have to read up a bit more on this, the doctor did change them once in case this was my problem, so now i am back on these tablets i will see if my rash comes back!

All battles have some use,
including those in which we were defeated.
The Fifth Mountain


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