Thursday, February 21, 2008

Lunar eclipse

the things i do....! this was half past four this morning... the lunar eclipse... the photo above i took with the camera only zoomed in a little...

but.... below! you can when zooming all the way in it causes problems with stability! especially when the photographer is awakened three hours too early! and stood out in the back yard... remember it was a full moon... with reference to the alhaurín el grande warewolf! i am sure he was telling the truth about what he saw... i do! i do! me naïve surely not!

so for me it was a half decent photo, one that looks like the seven moons of venus (?) and back in the house doors locked and back to bed!



Anonymous said...

Aw, it's funny to think we so very far from one another, were watching the same eclipse.
:-) How neat!

Marian said...

yes it is! brilliant... sort of the thing i was thinking when we had those two full moons in one calender month a while back, i was imagining everyone... all looking out when i was, but i think that went wrong didnt it! cant remember, i had two calenders that gave different info! huh that sorted it for me in the end!lovemxx