Friday, February 22, 2008

did i tell you my mom got some flowers? sure i didnt, but forgive me if i am repeating myself please... last weekend mom answered the door and when she opened it the caller had gone leaving a box of beautiful flowers there...

she was'nt supposed to be the recipitant and couldnt find the lady's number in the book, all i could suggest was she called the sender to tell them... she did and they said to please keep the flowers as a gift from them... and they would immediately be sending the same flowers to the person who should have got them in the first place!

how lovely eh! a huge bouquet of sunflowers and ferns....

rain again today... ugh!

new laws regarding animals, reptiles etc that are NOT allowed here in spain to be kept in your home/land, although here in spain the laws are not countrywide and go from province to province, this one however begins here in andalucia, also certain dogs are effected by the new laws... among them are the pit bull terrier, american staffordshire terrier, rottweiler and doberman. these can still be kept, but only if they have attended a training course, muzzled, walked on a short leash by someone no less than 18, and theyre documents have to carried on the walker at all times.

no more crocodiles or alligatores to be kept as pets! and any reptiles that weigh more than two kilos as adults... now thats not much, two bags of white sugar in these parts anyway.

also any amphibians, arthropods or fish that are poisonous or whose bite could cause harm to a human. and... primates and normally wild animals that weigh more than ten kilos as adults, limited to five kilos if they are a carnivorous species.

there are a lot more details in this weeks sur in english, also the fact that you have a six month period to hand these over to an authorised centre and failure to comply with the new decree could result in fines of up to 115,000 euros!

one more most important thing... there are cadburys cream eggs for sale in the store and for now i cannot eat one! i am purchasing said items and putting them for safe keeping for a couple of months! promise....

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Anonymous said...

Well, grab a few of those Cadbury creme eggs for me, too.. and then, eat them with joy in just a few weeks. Or maybe have one on a saint's feast day even before Easter Sunday..

Glad your mom got flowers --and got to keep them!! lol And the animal laws make great sense. We have many strange imported animals here in the States, but of course, the biggest problem is too many killer-dogs of a few kinds--I wish their keeping was as regulated as are Andalucia's.

Marian said...

we will see how the new laws are actually implemented... it seems here that when a new law comes out, only the foreigheners(US LOT) are the ones under scrutiny!