Tuesday, February 19, 2008

The rain in spain... again is falling mostly in Alhaurín el Grande!

well this was alhaurín el grande this morning about 1030am! it was actually a little lighter than it had been half hour before when it looked more like 7pm!

so much rain coming down avenida de la libertad pausing briefly outside bar rosa then continuing down ctra cartama where we are!

people coming in the shop absolutely soaked from a short run, or dry only because they parked outside the doors! we have had thunder and lightening... the lights flickered at one point and then the thunder was immediately after and i said i bet we have a power cut at home after that! and yes we had had, not long enough to turn the video clock off, but the sky box had gone... although since franco climbed up the sky dish pole and gave it a good ol' shake it comes straight back on now every time! (fingers crossed), can you imagine doing that in england! shock horror!!

then above... here i am home again and i took this about quarter hour ago at 12 noon! blue sky and sunshine... but the sky looks a bit grim over there... so maybe its not finished yet!

now we need help in the local Cudeca store here in alhaurín el grande folks, its in calle de fuengirola, between what would be the library (biblioteca) and the school yard... so any of you live here or near... please pop in to fill out a form and tell them when you can start please, fridays are very very short of staff due to people moving on to other things... as you know its well paid... in what your doing for a good cause, bringing money in to help the people in the cancer hospice down at arroyo de miel, i think all the staff are british, so no language problems there eh! and its from 10am till 2pm... thank you!

Finding something important in life
does not mean that you must give up everything else.



Anonymous said...

I love the rain. Well.. I love it so much more than the 6 months of snow and cold and ice we get.

The cudeca sounds a very worthy "hire." Ah, if only I were closer. I hope they find many to help.

Marian said...

hello 'justme'... well its still raining today! and still our water supplys are short 'they' say! humph!

today i am in with old movies and lots of coffee!
have a good day,lovemxx