Tuesday, February 05, 2008

this is one of my step dads paintings above and below.... sorry about the angle its on the stairs...

i kind of think the girl centre front here looks a bit like me dont you think? and actually come to think of it that looks like him behind loading up the cart!

one of the two houses that were 'pulled' last week is being rebuilt already, no hanging about here! the footings are in, well in spain this means some metal cageing thing, then the up right concrete posts for the lower level were finished on my way into town this morning, and on my return the floor for upstairs was well under way!

its wonderful in the post office... we have the girl who used to be there from last year.... not sure where she went but she is back now and gets the job done so quick, as soon as she see's me, even if i am just through the door and there are ten people infront of me she runs around the back to shout at the guys to get our post out for me! fantastico!

i had a small list of things i forgot on saturday with me yesterday and on my way home i went into cudeca and came out with something, completely forgetting my prospective purchases... so it was sorry pippa no wet dog food, and down the last squeeze of toothpaste till i got them today! now your wondering what i could have got to divert my mind... ok easily done anyway i know, but it was some of those woody plant things to go in a tall vase and they rise about four foot... and have little lights on... so bit like having a christmas tree on all year round....

Love can only be discovered
through the pratice of love.
By the river piedra
I sat down and wept


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