Thursday, June 25, 2009

Some random photos taken in Northchurch this week, whilst waiting... for a bus of course! Above the sign near the shops at Darrs Lane...

very quiet view of the (old) A41, not sure of the number of the road now! changes... to the left is the old and very closed now, butchers shop, used to be the hub of the community, always buzzing and always full of people coming and going... now nothing.

and this beautiful tree... looks better from the other side, will see what i can do about that tomorrow... got some of my bag packed now already!

and today got some medicine at last! i went to the hospital, Hemel Hempstead does not have an A&E any more, you have to go all the way to St Albans with whatever ails you... great! but they do have a place you can go for immediate help... like an A&E!!! any way, went there and the doc wrote me out a prescription, wish i had done this earlier, needed those anti inflamitories ages ago and have been popping pain killers in place, not good thing! i went to the chemist you see and said i need some stuff(?) and cannot afford £44 plus extra charge for the script to be written... crazy... and they suggested the hospital... and i went, cost me £10.75 for two lots of meds... more expensive than spain, but at least i have them now.... and i can stop complaining!


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