Friday, June 05, 2009

hey there.... its ok i am here! England! found some wifi at last! in the public library of course, no where else in town by the looks of things Hemel Hempstead what's occurring with that then?

yesterdays flight was late leaving, an hour more or less, no sign on the tv screens, infact when Franco and i arrived at Malaga airport the time between the 1140 flight and and the 1240 was a complete blank... there were no listings at all? and all the clocks said 12 noon... it was only 10am, but still worrying!

while in the waiting area sitting and finding no wifi... i thought when i arrived here 7 years ago, i texted everyone 'back home' the text read, "the eagle has landed" and sitting there i felt more like road kill!

people in front of me travelling to UK all had drinks in their bags? oh come on its been ages since we couldn't take liquids through there folks!

flight itself was ok, i didn't have any panic attack like in march, wanting to hit out at the person in front who had extra leg room and still wanted my space in my face!

had my normal coffee and Pringles, but this time with an added twix bar! well what the heck!

this morning i came down into town, 1.60 it cost... phew, that's the same as a trip all the way into Malaga from Alhurín for me normally!

at 9am i was on the phone to enquire about a job, she asked me to email, interviews next week, but the email will not go through, and they're web site isn't working either?

i have trawled every single shop in the town, every window, and left CV's in a couple of places, had a coffee at the other end, before 'doing' this side of the street!

also been into a temping agency and awaiting a call back....

i am in the library as i say, phone on silent, hope she doesn't call now!

i came in here and the internet is free for the first hour if your a member, so i came back down stairs from where i was sent to apply, my details are still on the system! even though i used to be signed into the library in another town! i have a new card, and with this little baby of mine i stay and play for free! yeah!!

was strange last night, in a strange bed, but slept well enough except for some shouting in the night? i guess its not just Alhaurín where people shout in the night then!

ok amigos... hasta luego

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