Monday, June 08, 2009

had a little trouble signing in here this morning, told me something needed to be enabled to do so... but just tried again and working fine! glitch!

what is this weather all about...? rained cleared up yesterday by mid morning, had been raining since all the day before! then later on great hail stones! hadn't seen those for a few years! weather forecast shows rain for here for the whole of this week too... i wanna come home please!!!

yesterday Tony came to get me and took me back to St Albans, and to Kate who had just run a 10k race up at Whipsnade Zoo... phew! she did it in 57 minutes, sounds good to me!

we went for lunch into town and had a roast, i had lamb, Tony had half a chicken and Kate... Nachos! massive great place, it was an old building which had been moved to its present location, high beamed ceiling... we followed in a woman who at the bar started to tell everyone how her husband had left her because she was having a breakdown... the poor woman it was awful.

from there we went to Hatfield and saw the new Terminator movie... hang on, cant remember its name at all again...ok its Terminator Salvation! seem to have a bit of a mind block on the name, anyway it was very good, its the forth terminator movie, and i think much much better than number 3.

back to Tonys, and later on he brought me back to Janettes... in the rain! chasing the storm i think! there was a little sun later, but it was just teasing, the sky is grey this morning with no sign on that wonderful globe up there behind the clouds...

i have signed on at another temping agency now, and just waiting for the call to come in...

Saturday evening 3 or us went to Janettes daugthers for dinner, she did a wonderful lasagne and salad, with trifle for desert, yummy!

mom is not too good, so this morning i am getting a bus over to hers, will let you know...


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