Wednesday, June 10, 2009

oh so tired this afternoon... got up at 630am as usual, off to the bus stop at 9am the bus came promptly at 912am and i was in Northchurch for half past! cant believe this speedy little bus! up to Moms only a couple of minutes and we decided to go to Aylesbury, not sure if Mom was really ok to go, but she wanted to get some fresh air and we would sit whenever she wanted a rest... we got the bus and off we went. on arrival we had our normal coffee at Costa's, two skinny latte please!

a little wander about, another drink later and small bite to eat and we were back on another bus by 2pm, when i got on i had to show the driver two return tickets... the second one i got at Northchurch for the return trip to Aylesbury and the first to get me back to Hemel Hempstead!

i asked it there was a cheaper way as these two had cost me £9 something (just remembered i have a pound sign on this little baby!) anyway, yes there is its called an Explorer ticket, so next time this is what i shall get and its only £7 but its better!

wonder how todays interviews went??? will they pick me??? i thought later there was a question i should have asked, never think to ask this question... also was going to send a Thank you for the interview letter, as seen on a web site on Twitter... but then thought maybe it would be silly!?! who knows!

oh and its raining, a sort of heavy drizzle... and been doing so for all the afternoon, we had a down pour in Aylesbury and then on the bus as i approached Hemel, but now just this persistent wet!

i am so sad not being with Franco and Pippa, inside i cry lots, just try not to let it reach my eyes.... play another game of solitaire, that's blots out everything... well sort of, it at least makes me very tired...

and changing the subject earlier i was watching a catch up of Primeval and a pop up came up being in my way i tried to get rid of it and succeeded in in stopping the program and it starting again... arh! ok but i was only five minutes from the end... so i let it start up again and ten minutes later i clicked the box by mistake? so now, there it is running above and i will go back when i reach the last bit... and until then.... I must stay away from the box... move away from the box!

ok amigos...

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