Monday, June 01, 2009

wow, hot hot hot out there, was 30 in the shade have put in the sun and will run up and take its temperature before i finish!

was like walking around in front of an open oven in town this morning... every one talking about the heat whilst leaving a drip trail behind! ummm nice!

had a list as long as my arm this morning... left it at home, best place for it! but i as i had actually written it down i managed to remember most of it!

priority was registering my mobile phone! cant believe that although this number of mine i had on contract to start with, have changed phones several times over last 6 years, always having to give name, address and NIA number (like social security number), it still was not registered? and if you haven't, you will loose it in November, not the phone, just your number! but very important! anyway whole thing only took a couple of minutes, once she could get the internet to work, and stopped nattering about the feria to others in the shop... ;-) we spoke in a mix of Español and English! strange she said she didn't think i was English.. which is true, but she said one of the things was my teeth!?! now i only have to work out if this is good or bad.....?

interesting tips on sun burn on telly this morning, tomatoes... eaten of course, and placed on the burn, same with tea bags, either dampen and place on sun burn or pop a couple in the bath tub and relax!?! the tannin apparently?

this will be me next week in blighty, fine here and i will get burnt there! well i can but hope the sun will shine, all things looking positive for a warm summer over there, although you must forgive us expats 'over here', but we do hear this from you every single year...

what goes on with this law of putting muzzles on dogs over a certain height? its not implemented and when your out and about and a large un-manned dog comes at you, as it did with Pippa and i the other morning, what can you do, this dog we have met before out side its house where its just released out into the street, which might be ok with a small dog, and the norm here abouts, open door, dog out, you dont have to worry about picking up after your dog, cos your not there to do so... oooops sorry having a moan... any way this big dog... Pippa was crying like it had bit her already which was disconcerting... so i just shouted at it to go away! oh, en Español por su puesto!

ok amigos, lots more to tell i am sure, but i am going to finish my coffee and soak up some sun up on the terraza before... before...

phew... ok up two flights of stairs and down again... its a firy 50 degrees up on the there, thats 122 in English! might be a bit more but there where the mercury ends... so its on with potions and out with the book....

hasta luega amigos...

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