Friday, June 12, 2009

Had a nightmare afternoon yesterday... the morning fine, fine sunshine too actually! but friend and i went to Tesco and did a bit of shopping, came home, jam doughnut and coffee later her daughter came and off we went out again at 1pm...

we had a 3.30pm appt at Watford hospital, but we went to St Albans and Matalan clothes store on the way(???) we left Hemel Hempstead and headed out, crossing one of bridges over the M1 we saw a fire engine across the northbound carriageway and all the traffic backed up far and beyond! we thought there must have been an accident, a bad one, the traffic south bound was so with all the rubber neckers...

we had road works in St Albans which was a nightmare too and we didn't even get to Matalan for nearly an hour!

between the 3 of us and the millions of cars in our way we knew there was probably a quicker way to get to Watford from there, but we ended up coming where there was less traffic which meant crossing again the same bridge and there was still the fire engine and all the cars... even more of a standstill on the other side of the road now!

we got to the hospital at 330pm right on time!

we left at 4pm and joined the millions of cars disrupted from the closed M1, the closed London underground making even more cars than usual too ! i heard in the hospital that a man had jumped from a bridge over the M1, it turned out that he was coaxed down eventually about 5pm, and the traffic by then was backed up all the way back to jnc 4!

we were parked on the A41 coming out of Watford and all the way... we at last had a stretch of road where we got into 3rd gear but this was not until we were less than half a mile from the house! the car was a miracle out little old gal would never have made all that journey at that speed! we were able to see plants flora and forna not normally seen when driving past at 60mph, we had a good view of some lovely homes, green fields and hidden tracks... we were also treated to an ice cream when we stopped of for fuel, we were running on red for some time and feared having to push the car!!!!

ok, off out soon, i am doing the walk again this morning, up and back down the high street and the agencies... CV's in my bag, comfy shoes on my feet this time, forget those blisters!

hasta luego amigos!

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