Saturday, June 20, 2009

I just realised whilst writing to a cousin and telling her we came looking for her in Watford this week, that i didn't think i had actually mentioned going there! and looking back on here... i wrote Monday.. and then went on to say what stuff had happened on every other day, except Monday, or if i have i apologise and you will just have to read all about it all over again... if i do start to repeat myself a lot please let me know, ok so if i do start to repeat myself a lot please let me know... ok enough of that for now!

Mom and i went to Watford on Monday(!) she got on the bus locally and i was waiting here in Hemel and we looked out for each other and saw each other! i got on the bus and off we went to Watters! nice trip nice weather, good day.

when we were in the old Clements store, cant remember the new name so will forever be Clements! anyway we were ordering coffee when the lady over the counter overheard me telling Mom i had been coughing all night, she suggested a product called pulmo bailley... i bought it in Boots Chemist, had a few questions asked first, not something to take if your already taking any medication at all, nearly. well it worked forsure, didn't cough more than twice all night or the night after, amazing stuff, knocked me right out1 well as much as someone with FM can be knocked out, still woke up as many times as usual, but not because of coughing, why did it kock me out? it contains Chloroform!!! what a smell and taste! ugh! had to put the bottle away out of my room, and wondering what to do with it when i go, is it ok to pour down the drains of will i knock everyone in Hemel Hempstead out!

getting the bus back by the way, we arrived at the stop and the bus we wanted was just shutting his doors.. he looked at me and mouthed the word NO! and drove off....



Anonymous said...

hi Marian,
Not sure if you will be back home in Spain when I return from my hols in Cyprus,am going with my neighbour as her husband does not like going away.We have been away the last 3 years since Alf died its nice to still be able to go away for a bit of sun!Anyway really enjoyed your blogs from Hemel Hempsted looking forward to all your spanish news
Take care and safe journey home(sad we didnt get to meet)

Marian said...

Hi Chrissie,
I am off back home a week tomorrow, the 28th June, so maybe yes.

thank you, and thank you for staying with me on my trials from Hemel!
Funny was just talking about you when we came past the turn off for Radlett, i was saying how we were going to meet up, but now not, so hopefully later on my next trip.

And then here is your message!

Hope you have a great holiday in Cyprus, never been but always here good stuff about the place.

Cant believe its been 3 yrs... hope you girls have a wonderful trip, and soon be back to news from Alhaurín, cant wait... take care and speak to you soon.
love mxx