Friday, June 12, 2009

has today been a negative day for everyone or just the few people i have spoken with today!

as aforementioned i did go into town this morning, i walked down the big hill here and then all along the Leighton Buzzard road into town, turning left to start the high street where the shops and other businesses begin... and i went all the way to the end and Debanhams store... i stopped for a coffee before i got there, and a read of the paper in there, then onwards again, went into another agency, and !asked to register on line and post my CV... done... at the end of town i took the Warners end road up so could go to the doctors up there, register and make an appointment for a check up etc... i am so silly! i completely forgot that you have to live back in the UK for six months before you can get any NHS treatment!

i guess i forgot because so many people who live in Spain come over to England to see their doctor, and i just thought i could see one too!

there are other options, proof required to receive free NHS treatment and you need two examples minimum as follows...

wishing to reside in the UK on a permanent basis:
*copy of passport showing relevant entry visa,l ie leave to remain clearance
*home office/stamp in passport
*home office documentation relating to residency request
*copies of shipping/sale of goods overseas
*engaging in employment

engaging in employment in the uk:
*copy of passport containing relevant visa
*copy of contract of employment on company headed paper, stating company is uk based and length and permanence of employment
*copies of payslips
*copy of work permit

returning to the uk after being away for not more than 5 years:
*proof of residency, of at least 10 years prior to leaving
*proof of sale/goods from overseas, ie shipping bills, removals receipt
*proof of rental/tenancy agreement
*copies of utility bills containing your name and address
*proof of child/children registered at uk school
*proof of nationality, ie passport

persons seeking asylum and refugees:
*confirmation from the home office of refugee status having been granted
*confirmation from the home office that asylum application is still under consideration

persons seeking treatment as a spouse of existing resident:
*copy of marriage certificate
*copy of passport containing relevant visa

children of persons coming into the uk:
*copy of childs birth certificate
*copy of parents work contract
*copy of parents marriage certificate

persons coming to the uk as a student:
*proof of passport which will show valid student visa
*proof that a person is registered at a college or university
*proof that the course is at least six months in duration
*proof that person is actually attending the course

persons coming to he uk as au-pair etc:
*proof person is staying for over 6 months
*proof of work, ie letter from employer stating length and permanence of employment
*proof of passport with valid work permit

well tried my typing skills how did i do?

i have contributed my fair share of NHS contributions over the years starting work at 15, and i will be collecting my pension is due course, you would think really as a returning resident who has paid her dues, i am a job seeker and will be paying into the system again soon, hopefully, most of the above want copies of work permits? i dont need one! copies of residency requests? dont need one! dont need any confirmations from the Home Office?

they said they would see me though if i needed a doctor prices start at £44 and go up to £176. oooh and its £14 for a perscription!!!

so then i had to continue on my walk back here of course, both frustrated with the system, hot, and job less... still!

but now i have shared with you, not sure if i feel better!

oh and before i go, this is something i came across... and i thought i was having a bad day, this is truly unbelievable! the poor poor woman, her time i guess, but not her husbands?


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