Friday, June 19, 2009

Friday? whats happened to the week and my blogging then, been busy, and on here evenings, been in a bit of a mind lock i think... so lets get cracking!

Tuesday... lunch with friend... phoned about another job, back home in Alhaurín would you believe! well not hearing back from the job, agencies seeming to want to send me all over the place except here in Hemel Hempstead, so interview when i am back, cant wait!

lunch was lovely, my good friend's sat nav took her all over the place before leaving her high and dry down near the railway station! so i talked her through the five minute drive from there and we went to the Red Lion near the turn off for Potten End on the Leighton Buzzard Road, the chef is from Sardinia! we both had something nice to eat, out in the sun shine and caught the sun, i got red again, for the second time in as many days!

Wednesday to town again, met with friends, more coffee and some more coffee! and lots of walking in between!

Thursday and Aylesbury... bus to Berkhamsted, then another to Aylesbury... met up with my friend in Friars square, big police training thing going on there... her and her little lad, he cant say Marian, so i am auntie maro! and that is fine by me, happy to be his auntie maro forever...

a couple of hours with them, after coffee, we had a good look around the shops, my mate is going to an 80's do, and was looking for lots of gear to suit the occasion! after we left each other ;-( .... i went to see friends at their house in the town, they had their daughter and grand daughters and grandchildren there visiting too! was nice to meet them, been hearing about them all since i have known them, probably about 13 years or so! and one of them is even a Facebook friend of mine! so nice to actually meet her too!

then, it was back to bus station and to Hemel and onwards to friends house... phew! and i couldn't believe it, when i was at the bus stop i could see a driver of one of the cabs staring in our direction, i did the look left look right thing, couldn't really work out who he was looking at, i tipped my glasses down and he pointed at me, and then i realised i knew him! not seen him since Heathrow airport back about 1997 or so, and before then it was about 1991/92 maybe! he said i hadn't changed! well don't know about that, but he hadn't either!

had fun on the bus ride back from Aylesbury, hardly left the shopping area and the driver stopped suddenly, opened his partition thing and the doors, jumped off the bus and tore up the path to have 'a word' with a pedestrian who had spat at our bus! couldn't believe it, what a thing to do! then a boy came on the bus saying he had lost his return ticket and the driver said "you said this last week", but just get on and sit down! later on the next bus a similar thing happened, small boy, no ticket, but the driver said "what do you want me to do about it?" and the boy left the bus in tears... poor little chap, what was wrong with just letting the lad on? lots of empty seats and safe home surely is the thing thats important, my friends husband says the country he comes from has no charges for children under 10 at all.

friday, today... bus bus and more buses! so today, bus to Moms, then we got the bus to Aylesbury and then the bus to Milton Keynes... i had to take a pain killer on the way, all the bumps and jolting! we had a walk about, coffee etc etc, Mom did well, i think for a time it looked like i was the one who was going to drop! then my salad and coke gave me a bit of umph! and i got a second breath, un like my poor Mom who has run out of seconds at the moment....

not looking like i will see Barry this time round... i know its a fair trip down but just wish he could have made it...

seeing Tony tomorrow and his girlfriend, cant wait...


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