Tuesday, June 30, 2009

the base of an up rooted tree in Ashridge Forest....

a view of the Bridgewater Monument built in 1832 to commemorate the third Duke of Bridgewater a pioneer of 19th century canal building.

this is the view from the Monument drive as you turn either right to Northchurch, or left to Ringshall... there at the end of the wonderful avenue of trees is Ashridge house. a management college now i think, or at least it was, they were playing cricket on one side this day, and golf on the other!

a seat here made of a fallen tree, stripped and shaped.. and this was the view from there, looking down over the valley towards Tring, and the A41!

lastly above a wonky looking photo of Ashridge House, i was leaning over Janette and zoomed in the leave parts of the car out, and this i am sorry to say is what's left should be able to straighten it up actually! but you get the gist!

hot hot hot days now, trip into town, saw my mate working in the animal rescue shop, then it was down to the electricity board to advise them of our house number change, seeing as we are now not getting any post at all, don't know what the number 27 is doing, but she isnt giving us our post! which is what we are doing to the previous person who held our number....

anyway, back to Endesa, was a no go, not sure if you remember but i was told before we couldn't change the details of the person who is at present on the top of the bills we get, it would cost about 300 Euro! well we cant even change the number!!! how stupid??? we need to have the mans social security number which is not there, to do it anyway, and i don't even know who he is, not the previous owners for sure! how ridiculous you cannot change the details.

in UK when you move you just contact the electric, gas, whatever, give your name address etc and away you go! and be sure you don't have to pay any one anything for the change, its your house and your entitled to do so, in fact it would be wrong to continue any other way!

the bank was fine, of course, as was Telefonica early this morning speaking to me all the way from South America!



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Pia said...

Glad to know you're home now. Pippa must be in a frenzy!!