Monday, June 15, 2009

Above a grainy photo of the old Town hall in Berkhamsted, used to be a small arcade of little shops with a restaurant at the bottom... not just a restaurant, not Cafe Uno as above changed hands since this was taken!

Monday again? beautiful weather yesterday a real hot hot day, i sat out in the back garden and read, turning my chair as the sun turned.. and in turn i turned red and didn't know it! i suppose you see its already too hot to be sitting out in the sun back in Spain and this was the first time in ages i had sat in full sun... not burn this morning, but i must be more careful!

some of the shops above in the high street, all very old buildings dating back to... way back when!!!

Saturday over to Mom's and got another bus, but just back into Berkhamsted... i saw something about Berkhamsted in a newspaper, on line, the other day whilst reading about the Rex Cinema... it said the town was on the edge of the county, well yes it is, and that there was nothing there at all, and at the end of the high street is this white elephant meaning the Rex! what a cheek! there are castle ruins too, i know not a huge amount of the castle still stands, but when the grass is cut, the moat been cleared, its a beautiful quiet (well apart from the nearby Euston to Scotland railway line and startion!) place to be! and very pretty!

this is the Castle, or whats left of it, but it is pretty, dates back to the Black Prince!

Berkhamsted is a lovely town, not too many of the huge retail chains that stand on every other towns side walks.. lots of different and individual shops.. so there we have it! Mom and i had a coffee and pastry, a wander about the shops and then waited for the bus, the little one that took me directly back here!

tons of seeds in the air on my way back today, i walked back and the seeds carried in the air were like snow! getting in peoples hair and eyes, you had to keep your mouth closed or you would have eaten a dozen in each gulp of air! good thing i was on my own and not chatting away as usual!?!

Today i booked my flight home! well i gave myself 3 to 4 weeks, cant live on my friends good heart permanently! its not for another nearly 2 weeks, so will change it if something worthwhile comes along?


ps cant wait to come home now, Franco and Pippa are my home and where my heart is...


Anonymous said...

So sorry Marian hope all goes well in your job search i really wanted to meet you and thought i could in radlett or near fingers crossed you hear something soon chrissie ps I am in radlett about the 19th of july hope you are still here Chrissie

Marian said...

Hi Chrissie... i seem to have lost the will to look now here... i think more because i miss home so much and as i have gone for a call centre job in england, i should really try for one back home in spain.. not because i have just given up here, but now its already two of my 3 weeks gone and no luck, its costing my mom who is helping me out with cash, my friend whose house i am staying in... and now, i just wanna get home.

i think its now unlikely i will be here in july, sorry mate, and i really wanted to meet up, but i will be back for hols later in the year, and staying in st albans!

hope your good, take care and speak to you soon lovemxx