Wednesday, June 03, 2009

view from our terrace yesterday morning... the cloud had made its way over the Sierra de Mijas and couldn't get back out of our 'bowl'! the mountains over towards Cartama look like islands in a white sea... beautiful...

Tuesday, yesterday went into town visited mates in the dog rescue shop up the other end of town... coffee with friends out side Bar Rosa... and home... packed my bags! well one suit case, with probably all the wrong things! bit more washing, always more washing, but at least its hung dried and down in an hour or two i suppose.

this morning... walked into town arranged to meet up with mate at 10am, Bar Rosa, of course! joined by another couple of friends, now we had a group of four who all worked on a Monday at Cudeca, the luni lunes (crazy Mondays) group! i was luckily to get a lift home from neighbours who were having a coffee around the corner...

i phoned telefónica about the cheap internet, apparently its 'for new customers only'... but that does not sound right, in the paper it says new or to keep current ones from leaving, but to much to do and so little time left to do it, i may phone back later or give up, as we all usually do here when we get negativity.

i have Spanish and English mobiles on charge, the batteries from my camera in a charger! oh and this morning i had the old itchy right hand thing going on which from where i came from meant you were coming into money, so i thought i better get those old lotteria tickets in to be checked, the internet told me they were non winners, but you never know! turned out the money came from a most un expected sauce! is that spelt right? anyway... i was folding up a jacket to put in my case and tucking the pocket in i found 15 pounds and some loose change! yeah! was like winning a jackpot... ;-) oh well!

ok amigos, i guess i will be wifi and all over the place for the next few weeks... months? so see you from there.... wish me luck and think of me, include me in your prayers, this wandering girl is off for a while...


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