Tuesday, June 09, 2009

great day... i had a job interview today! cant believe it... not sure if my outlandish plan of arriving, applying and getting the job will make it through! but why not eh!

was so nervous this morning... not sure what to wear, having limited amount of clothing with me and thought i had the right stuff! first i put on a shiny green blouse with my pants suit!?! why??? then i put on the white shirt that was so long it came almost to my knees... a quick ajustment... maybe a needle and thread would be good now i am back tho!

i must have gone up and down the stairs a hundred times... when was my last interview? last june for the second tobbaco promo... doesnt get any easier, thats for sure... they all seemed a nice group of people, lots of people working and was good to see somewhere so busy too.

so fingers crossed and hopefully this... will be the begining of our new adventure!

... ok rain stayed away today, thank goodness, but is still forcast for the rest of the week... mom is better now, so not sure what the doctors will do, every month is the same, they say she needs more treatment, but then, well your symptoms have cleared up now, so we will leave be!

ok amigos, adiós y hasta luego...



Christine said...

Hi Marian

So glad your interview went well.Fingers crossed you are successful.What type of work is it.


Marian said...

Hi Chrissie,

i have had a varied career so far, assit. man. clinton card, sales rep for motor factor, other retail shop work, receptionist/switchboard op. so really any of the above would be great! not heard back about the job... ;-(

out this morning walking the streets(!) looking some more.
hope your good, take care and speak to you soon,