Wednesday, July 01, 2009

phewy... we're really getting warm now, build up your own steam tent in whatever you where then when you go into the cool everything goes damp! sooooo lovely! but it is, this heat is wonderful, just need a moment to get used to it and where clothes that dry quickly and don't show damp patches! clothes that move over you and not with you, got a nice little flowing top from the chinese this morning... number 25 it was!?! (think about it?)

i was up town and back by 10.30am this morning, i had a list and got most things on it, including two pots of paint, only small, one green and one white, i have painted that little shelf Franco and i picked up by the bins when we were staying down at the beach the other month remember?

and tomorrow i will paint it white... all being well the next day i will rub down here and there and lets see what we get eh! photos at the end folks!

also this morning i have planted out in tubs on the terrace some tomatoes, wild flowers and sun flowers... not sure if its too hot to plant now, or if they will even take at all, although after the painting this morning i really do have green fingers!

tomorrow i must go to the council offices and sort out our change of address for the water, IBI and rubbish i guess, not had any bills from them for ages...

considering going to council also to say they have to pay the elctricity company for the change of number, they changed it after all... LOL oh i am sooo funny, and thats what they would say too!

checking out the escritora (deeds) the other day i noticed something else... the number of our house is one thing, we chose another as there was already another house with our number down our street, and now we have another number... totally different from the first two!

how do 'they' know which house we do actually own?


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