Friday, May 29, 2009

As i think i mentioned the other day our radiator is having a problem holding its drink (water!)

yesterday Franco and friend went to a place down in Fuengirola to buy a new one, well a recon anyway, they handed over the matriculation (log book in old English), etc, so the guy could enter the correct details into his computer... got the radiator back, took off the old... and of course you have guessed correctly it was the wrong one! cant say only in Spain, as i know everywhere you can go in any country you can get home with 'the wrong one'! so it was back down and awaiting delivery of one that will, hopefully fit!

having a few probs today on here, keeps saying connection not happening with the wireless... but not on wireless, on fixed broadband connection? the symbol of which isn't even showing up down there in my list of icons... powered up Franco's laptop, now we have his 'n hers! thanks to my wonderful (early) birthday pressy from son. anyway other one worked fine so i knew it wasn't phone line... plugged this back in and although it says otherwise, it is working fine now... !?!

cant seem to get rid of my neck ache, too tense, worrying about next week, and Pippa wondering where i am when i go and if she will forget me... ok enough of this rubbish! everything will be fine... and i think i need that quote again, let me hunt it down...

What would you attempt to do if you knew you could not fail
Robert Schuller


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