Thursday, September 03, 2009

above a photo of c/Burgos... the new paving, this street is just slightly narrower than ours!

i took these two, above and below this morning... when Pip and i went out this morning the air was wonderful, even slightly chill in my sleeveless cotton top and shorts!

.... so when we got home i went up onto the terrace and took these, sat with my coffee and watched the mountains turn from purple to terracotta... beautiful, and the breeze? coming from a different direction, i wonder if this is the turn of the season? it was still 33°c though this afternoon in the shade..... oh! just remembered i didn't hang out the washing... reason why....?

a man delivering letters came up the street, i enquired if i had anything? and he thought he had posted ours into the neighbours buzon... and a bit later she was outside rushing from here to there and back! and said she had put something in our buzon! but these, of course, were for the house that used to have our number....*arh*, so i put them there and took one with our number on from elsewhere!!!! although the name on it was not for anyone in our street???? and then on opening i found a letter, not real headed paper, the whole was printed in one shot and from apparently Repsol... or was it???

don't know how to find out... and i was so un nerved Pippa got an extra morning walk, Franco had called to say he was on his way home, so we walked all the way up to the crossroads... we didn't see him so hung around in the car park for a while! this sounds totally stupid i know, but i am so fed up with these *possible* repsol men knocking on the door.... anyway, i came home, changed and went out again into town! didn't see the man, he had gone in next door.... don't know the outcome of that yet!

when i got home Franco was back, and no further sign of Repsol man!

also when i got home, there was a message to call Tony, and i just panicked, i thought something had happened to Mom! shaking and my head went blank(!) Franco was telling me, Mom was ok and that it was something else, but i didn't hear any of it! i tried Tony, couldn't get him, so called Mom, and of course she was fine.... then i spoke to Tony, then i got upset all over again! worry and relief don't make peaceful partners....

Facts do not cease to exist because they are ignored.




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