Wednesday, September 09, 2009


well all packed... twice! although i have only got a few things, i am bringing something over for friends and now i have twice the amount of stuff! and when swapping things over i got a bracelet caught in the zipper, a present from Barry ten years ago! strangely it broke the day before i came over last time.... odd!

this time the link that was dodgy has gone altogether now so its needs professional fixing this time, feels horrible not having it on my wrist, long time being there...

took Pippa down to the vets this morning for some more of her Bach remedies... but i was asked to phone back at four, just did, and they say theyr'e not selling them any more...! G R E A T!

still more last few odds and ends down town this morning and now i am ready for the off tomorrow mid day!

Mom and i already have our first date in the diary... Friday lunch with a group over in Sarrat! pub on a green! you know it must have been a while, because i'm not sure if Sarrat is where i think it is, or even if its the pub on the green!

just checked it out on Google maps and got more confused... this isn't good!

another hot hot day... call me crazy but i am looking forward to some cooler air back in England, and the 10 day forcast says its looking good... because although i want it cooler, i don't want the wet stuff!

ok things to do, washing to get in and put away!

see you all over in blighty.... *well some of you!*

Men stumble over the truth from time to time, but most pick themselves up and hurry off as if nothing happened.




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