Wednesday, September 16, 2009

this is a cool shot from our pod aboard the London Eye on Monday... looking down directly towards the ticket office this building with its steep tiled roof, and little windows... and if you look closely... or just zoom in! you can see from the two windows on the upper level there are tables and chairs! and there was a whole line of these windows.... that would be so great sitting up there with a coffee! and watching the watchers above!

this strange thing is the bottom of a street lamp post, but the base is two fish wound round the pillar... i had to lighten the shot, so back ground looks strange....

another one for a zoom in i am afraid! because almost impossible to see what i could see with my naked eye looking back at this photo! but there in the far distance are two structures... they look like Eiffel Towers! what are they for? and where exactly are they! oh and how tall must they be???

this is the land duck tour bus... we would have gone on it, but the wait was well over an hour, it was about 20£, so not cheap, but good novelty value and it drives over land first past notable buildings and then... off into the Thames River! well onto the Thames i should say! and then your off land!

we went then to check out the tour buses at the next stop, but at 24£!!!! we decided that was taking the what's it!

as we sat with our most awful sandwiches from nearby eatery... and opposite us was this statue... a huge Dali clock, again with the sun behind i have had to lighten the photo so we can see the details....

Ok yesterday, Mom took time out and i went into Berkhamsted, i walked down *the middle* road, when i was a kid, we had the *low road* which was the old A41, the *middle road* through Durrants Estate and the *high road* which is! oh which is the country road up there! sorry mind lapse!.... oh and not forgetting the canal! so lots of varients for my nearly 3 mile walk to school for 5 years! well i guess it kept me fit, didn't like sports at school and did no extra sport stuff... ever!

... er ok, so back to yesterday! walked into town, had a little peruse about the shops and a cafe latte in Costa Coffee! of course! read a magazine... then into Tesco for last nights dinner and bus back to Mom's!

Uncle Bill popped round with cake and chocolate rolls about an hour later, and my old neighbours from home! so strange to see them here! they live much further up north here in England now...

tv just now, says the perm is back! YES at last my 80's hair is back in fashion! its been a stuggle living with 80's hair all my life! even before the 80's arrived!

Maxine didn't arrive till late yesterday, so my surprise, for Mom, dinner came late too, we were starving! i did salmon and new potatoes, it was that salmon i have seen on tv the last few weeks, just pop it in the oven in its little bag... and away you go! and for desert i made... yes i made! banoffee pie! i (ashamedly) bought a pre baked shortcrust base, the caramel, well when i lived here you had to put a can of carnations cream in a saucepan and boil the tin for ages, being careful of explosions and burnt hands, but now you can actually buy this ready made!!!! OMG!!! and then the topping of course bananas in thick cream! oh dear and now the other half is calling my name from the refrigerator where it waits.....

still walking up every morning with the most sever back ache, weird as i always sleep on an air bed when i am here, but not had this problem before... so this morning i set the alarm early... as in well before 7am, and got up and outta here! went for a walk down the main road, then up the road i lived in as a kid, past the house Mom and i moved into when we came over from the states... many a year ago! and as far as the canal bridge... but on the way i had a small pre breakfast meal, and i think one of my five a day! a handful of blackberries! not eaten blackberries fresh from the plant since i left England! it was lovely! and i think still ok to eat in September, i know in October they become devils fruit(!) old wives tale that means something.

check out the superstition and myths section on this link, interesting and gives you a very good reason not to eat after September 29th!

i better get more tomorrow morning and make the most of them, reading what value they are to our health too!

today? this morning we are going to Aylesbury, just have a slow amble about town, take our time, and go into every single shop we want to! maybe pop into the cinema and see what's on too, but Mom doesn't know this yet!


All nature is but art unknown to thee; All chance, direction which thou canst not see; All discord, harmony not understood; All partial evil, universal good; And, spite of pride, in erring reason's spite, One truth is clear, Whatever is, is right.




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