Thursday, September 10, 2009

there i was trying to keep calm and not stress myself out about the flight... Franco and i parked in the car park... only one on site now at Malaga, apart of course from the long term of course! we were about to get into the lift but Franco had just lit up(!) so i said, i'll take the elevator see you on the next level, only one flight of stairs... so it took ages for the lift to stop on 1, i got in and pushed 2, and at last went up the one level... got out... and you can guess! where is Franco? i stood on the path, waiting and waiting... thinking what to do? should i go back down to 1? will he be coming up the stairs now or taking one of two elevators???? so after about 5 or 10 minutes... seemed longer! i went back to the lifts... picked one and went back to level 1!!! got out and yes lo and behold... along came my honey!!!

as you can imagine i asked him to phone me when he got home... well just in case(s)!!!!

flight left on time, in fact as i came into the area where the gates are my flight came up on the screen, which has never happened before, i am usually left standing like a lemon looking up at the screens with all the other lemons!

boarded and left on time! arrived into Luton 40 minutes early.... that's where our luck ran out! our 'parking' spot already had a plane parked up... we had to wait for it to leave! then we were sharing our carousel with another two flights, which you can imagine caused a few problems! main one being the carousel wasn't actually doing its job at all, and going no where slowly... the Jersey luggage was taken off and dumped on the floor! then the carousel started and here came some luggage... from Alicante! then eventually from our Malaga flight....

but we were still out earlier than had we arrived on time i suppose!

not sure what's occurring here i keep getting a notice to install updates... i do, then 2 seconds later it comes back to tell me the same again!?! think i may have to turn off and re start... as you can see the wifi here at Mom's work great, it was just out of the box, plug in this and that... and put in the safety code, of course! and away you go....!

Tony and Kate just came by with my bedding! sound like a pet don't i! but what i mean is air bed, pump and duvet! had a good catch up with them, i usually know 'some' of what they're doing, what with all these network sites we're on, but better in person..... much better!

earlier on Mom and i went down to local shops, i needed to get something in the post urgently and then we were hungry, so popped into the fish and chip shop near here... where the grumpy'ist chippy lives! not a smile not a cheery word! nada de nada!

while we waited for the cod... i popped down to the bus stop to see what time the buses run first thing in the morning... no car remember for the first couple of weeks! and there were two ol'boys sat right in front of the timetable! i stood, therefore, right in front of them, i said "sorry i am just reading the time table!" and they said they thought they're luck had changed!!!! so we had a bit of a laugh at that... and then one got up and said "don't worry, here is the bus now!" and i replied, "the bus i want is first thing tomorrow morning"... the response to that was "what time is that? see you then!!"

heck i feel tired... but then i am an hour of myself here(?) but then that only makes it 9pm, but then lots of travelling, lots of standing around and not much coffee....

so for now amigos... hasta mañana!


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