Friday, September 18, 2009

this is 3rd time lucky to upload these photos just now, really don't think they're worth it, but never mind here now!

was a lovely sunny day first thing, in fact just about up until Mom and i left the house to walk down to town along the Grand Union tow path!

above is a rather strange sign... 60 miles to somewhere i have never heard of, and the piece below mentions the name of a boat i think! but cannot see it now, and i cannot remember it!

we had only been on the path a short while when we passed a bloke who i think is married to one of my old best friends! in fact he put in a kitchen in the house in Seymour road where we used to live! don't know if he remember me, but i didn't speak anyhow!

then when we were in a store in town we met someone else we used to know, not seen for donkeys years! she used to run the George and Dragon, good to catch up, she hasn't changed really...

photo above doesn't really show what i could see when i took the pic, the canal just here close to some barges... the water was all colors of the rainbow... just like petrol on water! and the poor ducks and swans and little moorhens were drinking it down! poor things...

lots of the barges were well stocked with wood for their wood burning stoves.... i wonder if they can just stay parked there or have to move along every now and then? they look really settled in, washing lines, and lots of plants up top, tv aerials and stuff!

Mom's Iain Rennie nurses came this morning, so was good to meet up with them, they caught up with news from our hospital visit yesterday, and will be at the end of a phone 24hrs a day if need be...

got some euromillion tickets today, well one each, its a roll over! so good luck eh, you have to be in it, to win it as they say!

i went to the police station again today, to hand in this badge thing i found, and they were shut! again, to alternate between the days they close at 3pm.... they don't open until 4.15!!!

so i still have this thing! now i wish i had just left it on the ground... but then it could have got into the wrong hands... i will try Hemel Hempstead police station... surely they are open all day?

didn't have much to eat for lunch today, so feeling tired and under nourished! no energy and lethargic! will be so nice to be in a proper bed tomorrow night! not sure why i am suffering from the air bed, as i said before its what i usually sleep on when i stay at Tony's, and i cannot imagine why the location should make any difference! maybe i should sleep in a different direction! maybe my *feng shui* is all wrong!

It's all right to have butterflies in your stomach. Just get them to fly in formation.




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