Saturday, September 12, 2009

Bodega Muriel Reserva 1999

this is what Mom and i are having this evening with the vegetable lasagne which is bubbling away in the oven just now.... bought this for Mom some time ago, its a Rioja which goes by her name and is a 1999! so lets hope the wait has been worthwhile eh... will let you know of course!

above is probably a shot of the Plough at Sarratt that not that many people will recognise... but there you go! that's me, awkward eh! i took it from the coach at the entrance to the car park at rear of pub... but it was the chimney that caught my eye....

we're a bit tired at the moment... slept slightly better as in 2nd morning and the air bed stayed a little better than it did yesterday morning! back not great, but not as bad, so that's a bonus isn't it!

this morning we got the bus to Hemel Hempstead, a double decker, i am sure when i left England these double deckers were fewer in our area here... in fact you hardly saw one! but they're back now for sure! we went on two today! and we got off in Berkhamsted it was a regular bus, i said to the driver i had got off early, and could i continue my trip on the same ticket? he said i should not have been allowed to disembark early! i think he was just kidding... i hope! but at least he was friendly, the other two were grumpy!

i saw my mate in the shop she works in Hemel, the one i stayed with in June, we stepped out and sat with her while she had her break... sat in the warm sun, in fact it was a hot sun! beautiful day, and i had a long sleeve t-shirt, typical eh!

as i said we stopped of in Berko to get groceries, went into Waitrose! and loaded ourselves down with bags for the last step home...

i have my English mobile hanging out of the window here, no signal indoors, have i told you this already? hope no one see it!?!

ok... dinner time!
hasta pronto amigos...

If we do more with less, our resources will be adequate to take care of everybody.




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