Tuesday, September 08, 2009

just came on here briefly to say hello to Tony, but thought i would check in here with you guys quickly... if i can be quick! i have a bad headache, again, went for months without one at all, so not sure whats going on here! i know its my neck and back, took Pippa out early this morning, came home and had to go back to bed, i felt the pain take over for a minute... so got up instead of letting it! too much to do today, didn't do much yesterday getting over the car boot sale from Sunday, and couldn't afford to waste today, i took some pain killers but haven't touched it, no matter, onwards and upwards...

the ants... before i get! they were in the kitchen cupboards... all of them! all the wall units around two walls! after finding them in one i ran around opening all the doors, i couldn't believe it! a nice little straight line of them going in one direction and of course, as they will, the return line side by side coming straight back! i was shocked to see them and took immediate evasion tactics! coming back armed the a can of raid!

then of course i needed back up... Franco came to the rescue and was up on the lower units emptying everything out and spraying and the spray nearly killed us! its so strong we were both coughing and i kept pushing Pippa out of the way, but she was excited seeing us running around like a pair of crazies!

ooops was away for an hour just then to watch a tv series i like... sad! i know, don't have to tell me something i already know...

but, still have the head ache anyway...

so antz! walking into the kitchen was like walking into the kitchen in the move Six Sense! remember with all the cupboard door open?

after a while i climbed up onto the lower units to do a clean up job! ok getting up there! then i panicked! weird, i am ok up some of the worlds tallest buildings, but up on the work units and forget it! i couldn't move or get down, i think it was more claustrophobia than heights actually!

Franco had to carry me off! and clean up!

so many ants this year, they're even coming up from the bathroom plug hole! teeny tiny little black ants....

today to town, bills to pay in bank, so nothing left owing before i go away which is good, and a list as long as my arm of purchases to make!

i phoned a friend to collect me from Luton airport, well i phoned to have a chat actually but he offered to come and pick me up which is lovely, i was going to get a coach to Hemel and then a bus, so very happy about this outcome...

and tomorrow i have to pack! hopefully without this headache!

My mind is made up, don't try and confuse me with the facts.




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