Monday, September 07, 2009

well where to start.... not really blogged since Thursday, Fridays poem was a bit of a get out clause! sorry but been so exhausted... just doing normal stuff around the house and running errands has completely knocked me out....

so catch up? where to start? invasion of the ants maybe of the car booty?

Friday i did go down town, mostly because i had forgotten all week to take something back to friends! funny how you can leave something next to your bag... every day for a week, and still not pick it up on your way out! so Friday i had to actually only go into town to take that!

dont think i stopped for coffee? Thursday i did, when i came out of the Animals in Distress shop with a friend we stopped for coffee, the bar near there sells a very good café con leche for only 1euro! cheapest place in town i think! this lady i sat down with we were having a good chat and amongst other things she mentioned her oldest son is 49, and i only thought she was about mid fifties!!! still cant believe it!

now Saturday... nope didn't get to move much at all, just pottered about the house and grounds! only one last fig left on my tree now... hopefully that will be ok by Thursday...

i think someone must be visiting in the house next door again... the water leak started again this morning, i noticed it when Pippa and i went out for our walk, that wonderful sounds of dripping water... well, more a gentle pouring really, goodness knows what condition the cement is getting into with water coming out through cracks in the walls?

yesterday Pippa and i were out eXtra early around 6am! because Franco and i were out of the house not long after! and in La Trocha car boot sale by 7am! i had the chance of a box to sit on from time to time, but basically its standing isn't it! walking bending, and trying to keep the price nearer to what you want and less near the amount some people want to offer... there is definitely a pattern... the Brits don't seem to want to ask or try to get the price down much, or too much! the locals are usually ok with the prices a bit more, or just ask, and walk away without any offers till you say mas o menos! *more or less*... then there are the others.... who just go on and on, badgering you till you either break... or you tell them NO! just GO! and then they come back again and again, and when they do pay, a whole lot less than you started out on, they only have a huge note! 50euros or more! after all the talk they have more money than all the rest of us! and of course, they want it cheaper as they are going to sell it on, either here or a couple of hours drive and a boat trip away!

we left there about 2pm... Franco came home and had a nap, although i was tired i think i had got past the nap stage and just watched tv, then i wanted to stay awake for the new series of Waking the Dead, of course! and started at 10pm for an hour... which point Franco had fallen asleep although he had plugged in a movie about what they believe went on on flight UA93 on 9/11... which of course was not conducive to a good nights sleep! the movie finished about 1am, i had by then been awake for 19 hours but sleep was evasive for a while more...

i should be making the most of our comfortable bed.... its a blow up mattress for me for a month soon! and i am sure Mom said she had her central heating on already.... help! i will be sleeping in her garden under... or in the tree!

there is a special castle in england, where they filmed one of Moms favorite movies, i emailed them regarding accomodation, but they only do weddings and *do's* for other occassions, bit disappointed... but onwards and upwards eh!

we are going to do the London Eye... and maybe the Imax, see what's on... i saw at La Trocha an ad for a movie i know Mom will love so will go see Agora... hope i haven't missed it in England?

our list is getting long! our *buckets* will be full to overflowing....

and now i am going up onto the terrace... before it rains??? maybe? will let you know, if i recognise it! just kidding, i saw rain in England when i was there in June of course! ;-) but i have a book to finish today! lots to do Tuesday in town, and then last minute stuff on Wednesday....

i will be back about those ants later dont worry, i wont forget that nightmare amigos....

So, if you have not been trustworthy in handling worldly wealth, who will trust you with true riches?

LUKE 16:11



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