Wednesday, September 02, 2009

the last of Franco's peaches have come off today.... 3 were in the earth this morning and i picked the last two and bought them into the kithen.... they never really reached their full potential this year and wonder if the tree was cut back to far last autumn, the peaches were tiny and quite bitter.

my fig tree is still producing, slowing down a bit now and having to wait a couple of days in between for the last few to mature...

my FM is really slowing me down these days, not sure if its this heat... i hung some washing up earlier on today about 12 noon i guess and it was 32°c in the shade, i moved the thing into the sun and brought up a coffee and my book....

.... its 5.15pm and just paused briefly to go up and bring in that washing as above... the temp gauge still in the sun reading 48°c.... so i guess the tiredness is this on going heat.... glad i sat up there earlier, i know i will feel a huge difference when i get back home again in early October!

when Mom and i spoke earlier *word of day it seems!* we practised a bit of french! amazing how much we know without knowing it, if you know what i mean! although i am sure i will slip into español if i'm not careful! Franco uses quite a bit of french, but not entirely sure which dialect he uses! Del Trotter springs to mind....

something i read from Tonys Twitter yesterday made me hunt down the details... there is a drive-in movie at Hatfield House over the first weekend i am over in England... i wont be getting a rental car for the first two weeks however, and said to Mom we will have to just turn up with a radio, blanket and basket of food! that made her laugh.... well why not watch Mama Mia without the car!?!

well in a weeks time i will back in blighty again, when i came over in June in search of a job.... then decided against it, couldn't bear to be away from my honey any longer.... i didn't think i would be back over again so soon, every time i say never.... never happens again.... well that's life isn't it.... unpredictable as always... bringing good and bad and the indifferent!

there he goes again! that man on his little earth carrying thing has been up and down our little street since about 8am... up full of earth back down in reverse empty! and sometimes its quite funny... as a car comes up behind him thinking he can get out the other end!!! ha that's got him... when he is suddenly reversing to get out of the way of the little truck on his way back!

this morning when Franco went up to the car one of our door mirrors was on the bonnet of the car! nice of whoever to pop it up there for us... was it the person who knocked it off, or a passer by one wonders.....?

Everything happens to everybody sooner or later, if there is time enough.




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