Saturday, September 26, 2009

yesterday Mom and i got the bus to Watford, long journey, and we rode top deck right at the front! bit on in sun, but was great ride, apart from the many speed bumps!

we went of course via Hemel Hempstead, took about an hour i guess or a bit more, but coming home was nearly two hours! we even popped into the bus depot to change drivers!

we had a stroll around the shops, and also had to find an internet place for me to print/sign/fax a document, our car insurance back home had expired and Franco got a new policy, much cheaper elsewhere, which of course meant it needed my signature to release the old one!

i asked someone where we could find an internet place, bit of a stroll but it was really good, and cheap, 50p for half hour, i was given a plastic card with a pin number on it, all i had to do was type in the pin and enter... and i had half hour! you could extend the time by getting the card swiped back up at the counter, but it meant no one could be on it when they shouldn't or longer!

printing and faxing to Spain, 60p! cant be bad!

before we went to Watford Mom and i popped into Costas, of course! for a small coffee and pastry... i was starving, getting up at 6.30am, means by about 10.30 i need food again!

we're getting into these nice coffees called Macchiato! a real kick and you can really take advantage of the wonderful taste of coffee.... ummmm, could just knock one back now!

there was something i missed on the news about all these company's everywhere at the moment, TV ads, stands in the shopping centres, they take your gold, and give you the cash, £'s for grams of gold!

what worries me is that things are being melted down! all that history... gone, old jewellery is so much more detailed than some of the stuff you see these days... but just maybe these companies are not melted down but selling it on for huge profits, maybe that's what the news was all about!

coming along today to get back to Mom's you could see coming along a long long line of cars, led by a very slow car making a helluva racket! it was being driven by an elderly man, his equally elderly wife along side him, and the noise? i stopped to watch as he turned down New Road and the poor man had two flat tires! both his off side tires were down to the rims! but i am not sure he even realised, i mean why hadn't he already stopped!

i am sort of packed now for our trip tomorrow... off to London, to ease us onto the Eurostar first thing Monday morning... a holiday, while i am on holidays in England! only at the moment this mess at my feet looks worse than it has over the last two weeks, taking the very minimum two nights in Paris, then directly up to Nottingham...

while we are gone... keep up with me on my Tweets there on the right hand side of this page...

and now to French! taken me all these years a hablo español!

so adiós, ciao, adieu!


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