Wednesday, September 23, 2009

i am sorry to say my camera didn't make daylight yesterday in Oxford... but luckily a few people have been before and i have, thank you very much, purloined a few pics for you today! the above photo of the Starbucks is the only one though that i could have actually taken, as its from a street view, not a birds eye view!

Mom and i were very lucky with the buses! we got off the one from here and the Oxford bus was waiting on a stand! the ride wasn't great, new bus, with new hard seats, very uncomfortable and bumpy and real bone cruncher of a trip which lasted an hour and a quarter!

but once there we had a short stroll to loosen up a bit, and then had a coffee and a bite to eat!

we really only looked about the shopping centre... i know! all that history and we only *did* the shops! we looked down lanes and at the quote *dreaming spires* unquote...

the weather was good, sunny and lots of people about, tourists and students galore! its great seeing so many people from so many different countries and cultures, the way we all dress so differently... meaning i wish i could, or rather would dress a bit more how i feel than how i do sometimes... woman of all ages just being themselves! and being comfortable with it!

i was chatting to a friend the other day and she feels the same, all of a sudden we feel like we dont know what to wear anymore! how weird is that! and i feel i am not wearing what i should be, so time for a change... for change will come....

i am good at changing the subject am i not!

so back to Oxford... or was that it already! we had another coffee later on, i had bought a house warming present.... for some special someones! and later on it turned out i had paid ten pounds more than i should have! but once you have left the store you have left your rights behind also!

i feel now Mom and i are climbing a roller coaster... we are slowly making our way up to the very very steep top... almost there at the brow! and on Sunday we take a dive! and there will be no stopping, no where to hold on, and slippery all the way back down!

.... today, just over to Aylesbury for *cloudy with a chance of meatballs* in 3D, cant wait, really looking forward to seeing it!

tomorrow, visiting Uncle Cliff, he will be 95 tomorrow! WOW!

Friday... well not sure yet, hope to catch up with friends... all sounding quiet to you? not very rush rush rush!

but... Sunday - London, Monday - Eurostar and Paris.... Wednesday - Back to London and from there straight up to Nottingham, we were going to get the coach on Thursday, but its twice the time with a stay over in a bus station for an hour! so, we thought just get up there! what's the point of coming back from London in the evening, tube, then over ground train, then a taxi! and in the morning, bus to Hemel, onto National coach and as i said above, its not direct, changeover then arrive mid afternoon in Nottingham.... so its rush rush rush...!

in fact best not to think about it eh!

well this was going to be short... and here i am rambling away as usual and not even 9am yet!

so for now amigos, adios....

God, give us grace to accept with serenity the things that cannot be changed, courage to change the things which should be changed, and the wisdom to distinguish the one from the other.




Carol said...

How beautiful are your photos --thank you for sharing them and your musings!

Marian said...

Carol - thank you, although mad crazy ramblings is more the truth of it.... mxx