Monday, September 21, 2009

well bit of a catch up needed this evening, a little late and a little wobbly to do so too...

visited migraine city today! not had an actually migraine for a while i don't think? lots of headaches just before i came over here.

well Saturday morning i went over to Janette's in Hemel Hempstead, got the little bus over that travels through the countryside, so nice pleasant and quick journey...

we had coffee and a good old chat, then went over to have lunch and a spot of window shopping in St Albans... where i would be going the next day with Kate and Tony... only we gals did the shops and around the cathedral and into the park... we went back into the shops, park was busy and a gang of boys were causing trouble, not bad, but a woman had asked them to be careful with they're football kicking it over the path and back again... and on and on, but they replied rudely so her husband got all up tight, as he would! so we thought, shops! and went!!!

we popped into Janette's daughters in Boxmoor for coffee on the way home, then just spent the evening relaxing watching tv, and of course, talking!

yesterday, Sunday, Kate and Tony came to pick me up, Tony said what time they would be there, and right on cue *beep beep* car behind next doors truck, said bye to Janette, quick hug and off i ran behind the truck to the car.... then continued right back round and back into the house, before she could close the door..... wrong car! OMG!! we were in hysterics! it was so funny, although i imagine anyone watching from another house would have had an even better laugh at my expense!

and when Tony did arrive i made sure it was his car before i jumped in the back!

this morning Mom and i should have been off to Oxford, but got up with my normal bad back, and it progressed to my neck and head, and hey ho, migraine! Mom needed to do stuff in town so went down and came back, thank you Mom, with some Imagran, and after a few hours that cleared up the pain in the head, i got up about 3pm and am still now at gone seven, trying to get the rest of my body moving again... we will go to Oxford tomorrow now, all being well, and i am sure it will be just the same as if we had gone today, i mean what can change in a mater of 24hours in such an old city...


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