Thursday, September 17, 2009

is this a wonderful little house or what! so cute! and any bird would be proud to live in side it wouldn't they!

not sure how long its been where it is, Mom hadn't noticed it... but just as long as a bird family does thats what counts!

this morning i rushed on foot into town to collect a letter that couldn't be delivered yesterday as we were out, what a difference here in England, walked up to the counter... open all day, six days a week! and handed him the card... he gave me the letter i signed a receipt and left! no proof of passport or residencia, (although it did say something would be asked for!), no having to give anyone my national insurance number, equivalent of NIA number in Spain! no inside leg measurement required!

about 11.30 Tony came to take us to Mount Vernon for Mom's appointment with the Professor, not much came of the hour long wait past Mom's actual time... keep on taking the hormone tablets as they're doing so well, and see you in 3 months time! there are two different hormone tablets they give for cancer treatment, one makes you depressed one happy! seems, luckily for Mom she is on the happy pills! he said there is no need of a scan at this time, as she feels well, and has no bad symptoms... so, when i am back in early December we will come back to see him again!

Tony dropped us off in Berkhamsted before returning to work, i had found something on my walk back from town this morning to take to the police station, but, as they were shut it will have to wait until tomorrow! it closed at 3pm, and we had gone for lunch, not realising they shut early...

we went to the *home and colonial* store for lunch, its a great old building on the other side of the road to the Swan, Crown, and Kings Arms pubs! Swan is no longer a drinking establishment though!

home and colonial is an antiques plus new shop... it takes three long steep flights of stairs to get you to the restaurant, but worth the climb... and on the way down i bought an antique cake slicer!

uncle Bill is coming over again this evening, i think with one of his daughters, not sure yet. but as we're both still so full of lunch we will be having dinner late me thinks!

also while we were in town i took my bracelet into a jewellers, it broke the day i was packing before coming over here, a link was lost, they are going to replace it, but the woman said the bracelet is very worn and weak and more may break sooner rather than later, i said its only ten years old! Barry bought it for my birthday back then, how can it be so worn out after only ten years?

above is the bird box again, as seen from Mom's front door!

In the valleys you look for the mountains In the mountains you've searched for the rivers There is no where to go You are where you belong You can live the life you dreamed.




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