Tuesday, September 15, 2009

this morning a bunch more photos from yesterdays up in London, above i stood right next to some of the suspension cables that help hold this thing up! gulp!!!

birds eye view... i did try to take a photo of a seagull that was passing by, i think he was the one from the short 4D movie we saw before we took the ride! and strangely this morning just before i got up i heard a seagull too! here in Berkhamsted is quite near to the point that is the furthest from the sea anywhere in England, well one of the two locations it seems... bit of an argument over this point!

we really were lucky how empty we had the pod, not sure we would have enjoyed it so much had it been full... apparently you can rent a whole pod for parties! that would just be so cool!

we were at the top here... looking down on those who had gone before!

Mom and I.... on the top of the world!


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