Thursday, September 24, 2009


above photo... *borrowed* thank you....

so much bus travel... don't know how Mom is doing it all! its tough on me, she is so determined to keep going... we went to see Uncle Cliff in Tring first thing this morning, and were going to go to Watford, but it would have been far too late for there by the time we got there we would have had to turn right round and back on the same bus!

so we went to Hemel instead! then a stop over in Berkhamsted on the way back to Mom's! she is out for count now though! bless her... sleeping there in the chair... oblivious to me telling the world and his brother about our day!

first thing this morning though i popped out to the local shops, the air was clean and fresh, a real autumnal chill in the air, spelt so refreshing... dew on the grass and cars.. no frost yet! so many of the trees are turning golden and russet and all the other colors of autumn!

i bought some really beautiful flowers this afternoon in Berkhamsted, from the flower shop on the Kings Road junction... i made the selection! it was filled with water and was fun to carry home on the bus!?!

ah ha! back to yesterday though, movie *cloudy with a chance of meatballs* in 3D.... brilliant movie, Mom and i both enjoyed it, all cartoon animation, did anyone else in the theatre enjoy it? well there wasn't anyone else there! NO ONE! we were the only two in the cinema! it was like a private showing just for Mom and i, i couldn't have planned it any better eh!

been to see a movie with seven people in before when Tony and i went one time, but never just two! did we move into the comfortable premier seats? no didn't bother, suppose we should have, but i booked the seats on line and placed us exactly in the centre of the place! and we had got in 15 hour before the previews and were comfy... so there we stayed!

not sleeping any better yet, still taking about 2 or 3 hours for my back to stop hurting, hey ho! maybe a two and half hour train journey will help!!! and i will at least be in a normal bed from Sunday night to and including Thursday... we're getting so excited about our trip! we have had to cancel so many things last minute i will be glad when we are there... then glad to be back too, if you know what i mean....

and we must take the least possible amount of clothing and *stuff*, the very least...


What makes the world go round? It's people who can't sit still. People like you and me. Roaming the earth for new ideas. Always wandering, constantly challenging. And taking whatever they need for the ride.

Life's a journey. Embrace it, live it, love it.


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