Friday, September 25, 2009

the other morning.... and same today, except for the mist over Northchurch common, today its clear skys all the way to the hot air balloon below and back at'cha!

along this street on the right there is where we used to live... this house Tony came out of one more time than he even went in to!!!!

as usual when you speak of something... there it is! well excluding talking about winning the lottery of course! but Mom and i were talking about how wonderful it would be up there in a hot air balloon yesterday... and there this morning on my way out to the shops was, of course, a balloon! had to get back in to get the camera, its not actually attached to my arm!

and on way back my Auntie Linda was at her door and took my arm to come out to have a look at it!

i remember one April 1st when there were dozens of them coming down all around the school here, St Marys, they came over the hill from Gt Missenden direction and just dropped! it was early and people were dressed in anything just to get down there, still carrying cups of coffee and helping catch the ropes to bring the baskets down safely, all around the school playing field and playground, it was great to see and be there... when the first few balloons came over the boys who were small started shouting, but i thought they were pulling an April fools joke, it was only when the dog joined in i believed them! and out we went, down to the school...

and later we all got in the car and drove to Shrewsbury... all the way up the A41!!! don't ask!


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